Writer In Residence

The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association is pleased to offer its Electronic Writer In Residence (EWiR) program. The EWiR program is a great opportunity for our members to tap into a wealth of writing expertise at a reasonable price and to hone their writing craft in a convenient setting.

Our Electronic Writer In Residence:
Harold Rhenisch – Poetry, Fiction

Our EWiR is Harold Rhenisch – an award-winning author with an extensive career in the writing, publishing and teaching industries. Rhenisch has published eleven collections of poetry, including Free Will, a black-comic celebration of theatre, and a translation of Shakespeare’s sonnets into contemporary English, Living Will. He has also written a novel, Carnival, about a boy coming of age in wartime Germany, and four books of autobiographical essays, Out Of The Interior: The Lost Country, an “Out Of Africa” about the B.C. Interior, Tom Thomson’s Shack, which was nominated for two B.C. Book Awards, and The Wolves At Evelyn, about how German images of paradise have formed Canada, and A Palette Of Birds, a humorous portrait of a decade of bird-watching on B.C.’s central plateau. He lives in 150 Mile House, B.C.

How the Writer In Residence program works

1. Each month, the EWiR will be available to meet online with up to one fully-paid member of the Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association as noted in our updated membership lists. The branch will be paying the EWiR at a rate of $50 per member. However, an additional $20 must be paid by the member being served. This money must be paid directly to our current Treasurer within 30 days of contracting this service. It will then be remitted to the appropriate EWiR.

2. Each member who chooses to contact the EWiR for one-on-one online evaluation services may submit up to 15 pages of double-spaced material from any genre or form excluding materials that may be offensive to community standards. An alternate use of the program allows members to arrange an advice session with the EWiR to cover any suitable topic such as interview techniques, research, etc. The EWiR will then evaluate the material or topic choice and arrange a confidential one-on-one online session within 30 days of receipt of said material/topic, unless otherwise arranged with the member.

3. The EWiR will allot approximately 1.5 hours of preparation time and 1 hour of reporting time per member who has had material accepted. One follow-up question from the member is permissible to assist with clarification only.

4. When selecting an EWiR, members should consider the particular specialties of an EWiR (Our Writer In Residence, above) but may submit any materials deemed suitable.

5. Each month, the EWiR will submit the names of fully-paid members after each has received the services noted above before receiving compensation. These names will be submitted by the EWiR to both the Writer In Residence Coordinator and the Treasurer before payment is made. EWiRs are only paid during the months when a member has been served.

6. Any member wishing to schedule a session with an EWiR must contact the Writer In Residence Coordinator for an appointment. The appropriate email address will then be given to the member and the designated EWiR will be contacted regarding the booking. No member can contact an EWiR without this booking being established. Similarly, no EWiR will evaluate a member’s materials or topic unless the name has been submitted through the Writer In Residence Coordinator.

7. Please note that our EWiRs are all busy writing professionals with their own projects and schedules and may not always be available for evaluating members’ work. Each EWiR will be notifying the branch if and when they become unavailable for any period of time.