Poetry Contest

The Banister

2017 Banister List Of Winners, Honourable Mentions, And Judge’s Choice

The 2017 contest is now closed. Please check back in mid-2018 for details about the next year’s contest.


John B. LeeWhat Awaits Me in the SandwashFirst Place
Donna LangevinCandles for GarySecond Place
Alia WallPoetry in Dry EraseThird Place

Honourable Mentions

Fran Figgelife and death in the cosmos
Katrina Vaughan FretwellSerpentine Renewal
Rhoda HassmannGrave Marker
Kathleen A. Mooreroll call
Colette MaitlandRed Shoes
Diane Attwell PalfreyOne Night ...
Lynn TaitAshes and Sand
Alia WallCalendar
Alia WallHolding Church
Alia WallSemi-Colon Slips

Judge’s Choice

John BartaEarly Morning in Lions Bay, BC
John BartaFalling On Love
John BartaTo a Lifeguard
John BartaMozart, Father and Me
Penny-Anne BeaudoinSaturday afternoon confession
Penny-Anne BeaudoinItalian girls
Sue BlottRed Dress, Heels Kicking
John Di LeonardoRite in Spring
John Di LeonardoAs the Steeples Slept
Fran FiggeLoveworn
Gill FossThe Roost
Jennifer FootmanChild on Verandah, Ranchi, Bihar 1950
Robin FrostHalf-Cinder
Jeanne HamiltonExpiry Dating
Martha E. JohnsonBlack Crow
Donna LangevinThe Blue Sleigh
John B. LeeWalking the Trail Near Crawly Falls, New Hampshire
Gerry MooneyElegy for the Grain Elevator
Kathleen A.Mooreartists
Diane Attwell PalfreyOlympians
Diane Attwell PalfreyTinting the Ivories
Kimberly PetersonHemorrhage
Kimberly PetersonInhaling Indigo
Barbara PonomareffEtched
Barbara PonomareffThe Open Lid
Karen Sylvia Rockwellsilencing intimate voices
Karen Sylvia Rockwellthe minutes
Robert ShipleyMy Bank
John SmallwoodOrioles
John SmallwoodLifeguard
John Smallwood“Who ever saw a dejected chickadee?”
Lee Ann Eckhardt SmithWhat’s Under the Surface
Lee Ann Eckhardt SmithEvidence of Angels
Bieke StengosKomboloi
Tom WoodThe Volga Boatman
Tom WoodHavana
Ed WoodsRaccoons